Expo. Croc'Vinyl « Sharpie Shirts » par Ray Borchers (Chicago).
to Nov 15

Expo. Croc'Vinyl « Sharpie Shirts » par Ray Borchers (Chicago).

➽ Exposition de la ligne de T-shirts (SHARPIE SHIRTS) de Ray BORCHERS, peints à la main tout en nuances de noirs, qui reprennent des thèmes liés à la culture pop et la nostalgie des mythes du rock'n'roll. 
➽ Jeudi 15 novembre 18:00. Soirée de clôture : drinks + DJ sets de Richard Linon et Pierre Sojdrug.
[ Ray BORCHERS est une jeune artiste vivant à Chicago --- « un diamant crasseux » selon ses propres mots. De ses multiples rencontres, des virées nocturnes avec le troubadour Nikki « tout ça finira dans les pleurs » SUDDEN à une vie beat partagée avec Kevin Junior (musicien concitoyen, lui aussi disparu et dont on ne soulignera jamais assez la grande finesse mélodique), elle a gardé le trauma et la certitude de la fragilité de la condition humaine. Toutes les formes artistiques qu’elle a explorées, peinture, dessin, musique, performances etc., en embrassent une expression très personnelle. L’évocation instinctive de cette précarité, combinée à une sensibilité pop, crée un langage singulier in fine intuitif. ]

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Heatwave Presents: Fuck Dance, Let's Art !
5:00 PM17:00

Heatwave Presents: Fuck Dance, Let's Art !

Heatwave presents - Fuck Dance, Let's Art!

Join us for a relaxed Sunday evening of art, rock and roll and some more shenaningans! 

We will have exhibits from 3 artists, live bands and Heatwave DJs!


Ray Borchers - “Intuitive Pop” T-Shirt exhibition - (US)

Ray is a working artist, living in Chicago since she graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. She works in many different mediums and styles, from large scale paintings, to portraits on T-shirts, to simple cartoons. Additionally, Ray is a musician; she plays multiple instruments and contributes to several bands and musical projects, incorporating her visual works as a part of her live performances and in creating music videos. A current focus of her work is a line she’s created of hand-drawn T-shirts using Sharpie conveying themes related to pop, nostalgia and cult culture. Ray’s art is varied but it is united; it can be described as “Intuitive Pop”. The world of Pop is free from social confines and celebrates diversity, the world of Intuition is one of pure and honest sensibilities, when these worlds collide, “Intuitive Pop” is made.

Natasja Alers - (NL)

Natasja Alers grew up in The Hague, Holland. In 2012 she graduated from the Ceramics department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. Currently she is working as an autonomous artist, dj, art director, initiator of Grauzone and promoter of concerts in The Netherlands.

In her new work, she casts nipples of friends and constructs them in weird shaped vases with drippy glazes, so they are very touchable and psychical. She combines multiple disciplines such as: ceramics, installations, oil painting and super cool collages!! Come touch for yourself!

Roy Licher - (NL)

Roy is a legend and all we know is that if he doesn't paint he dies or gets naked! Come see it for yourself. 

We will bring any old issues of Heatwave Magazine so you can grab one for FREE - Plus Live bands to be announced and Heatwave DJs!!

Punk child friendly event! Come to the church of rock and roll!


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